Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day.. Baby Card and More....

Here is my weekly update of cards I have done.. I just love the lion and the look on his face! For this card I stamped on the inside "Having a Bad Day?" I thought that it was more than appropriate! This card is actually up for sale on ebay and has a bid! YAY! I have been trying to sell some of my creation on there. So far so good. If you want to check out what I have for sale just look for the link to the right - Ebay- My listings!
Sorry about the poor quality of the next couple of pictures. I had to use my scanner instead of my camera as I let someone borrow my camera.
This is a card I did for a friend who just had a baby.
The next two are Mother's Day cards and the last card is just one I did with no particular theme. I had just gotten the stamp set and had to try them out! Speaking of stamp sets. I just got some in the mail from Stampin Up and also! I can't wait to use them! Hopefully I will have a little time this week or weekend end!